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RAW Dance Festival 2017 - "Winter edition"

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Welcome to RAW Dance Festival 2017 - "Winter Edition". With good vibes and many activities, both for dancers, music lovers, students at RAW, friends and family.

The visitors Taro Vestøl Cooper, DJ Stew and Reggie Got Beats, will guide us through the event with rhythms, rhymes and music. In addition, you will meet Marikken, Sánchez, The R, Ama & Mimmi these days. These are five amazing street dancers that we certainly recommend to see, meet and learn from! If you haven't heard of any of them, we got you covered, info TBA!

Time and place

2nd and 3rd of December @ Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem.


Saturday 2nd of December

12:00 - Student show
15:00 - Open house: DJ playing, open worshops, sale of baguettes and drinks, etc.
17:00 - Battle
20:00 - Club night (18 years limit)

Sunday 3rd of December

12:00 - Student show
15:00 - Open house: DJ player, open worshops, sale of baguettes and drinks, etc.
16:30 - Battle finals
18:00 - End


Entrance Student show Saturday (NOK 250, -)
- Free for participants of the show

Entrance Student show Sunday (NOK 250, -)
- Free for participants of the show

Entrance Battles and workshops Saturday and Sunday (NOK 125, -)
- Free for participants in the battle
- Free for those that have ticket to Student show

Student show

The actual student performance this time will last about twice as long as before, but there will be multiple breaks and activites. We want a shorter distance between dancers and audience, just like on a real street dance event. Therefore, the dancers vill perform their dance shows down on the parquet in the round stage. The audience will sit all the way 360 degrees around the dance floor.

It's the first time for all our choreographers to choreograph a dance show like this, so this has become a great challenge for us and it will be exciting to see how each group has solved this challenge.

It is the same groups and same student show on saturday as on sunday.

The general rehersal starts at 15:00 on friday.

Overview over times for groups rehersal on wednesday and thursday

Battles and registration

The battles are open to all. By attending the battle you get free entrance at the battle, mini-workshops and for those over 18 years, to the club night.

• Taro Vestøl Cooper

• DJ Stew (Leftsound Crew)


Prize:  1000,-
Music:  House, hip hop, popping, breaking & locking
Upper age limit:  12 years
• Marikken (Cre-8)
• Sánchez (ByLtg)
• The R (Grounded Crew)
• Mimmi Mollgren (Stockholm)
• Ama Kyei (Finland)

 Registration battle 


Prize:  4500, -
Music:  Break, popping & locking
• Marikken (Cre-8)
• The R (Grounded Crew)
• Mimmi Mollgren (Stockholm)

 Registration battle 


Prize:  3000,-
Music:  Hip hop (dohh ...)
• Marikken (Cre-8)
• Sánchez (ByLtg)
• Ama Kyei (Finland)

 Registration battle 

Invited dance crew

• Diverce Dance Crew (Trondheim)


2nd of December
14:45 - 45 min - Voguing with Ama Kyei (Finland)
15:30 - 45 min - House with Sánchez (CityLtg)
16:15 - 45 min - Hip Hop with Marikken (Cre-8)

3rd of December
15:00 - 45 min - Break with The R (Grounded Crew)
15:45 - 45 min - Locking with Mimmi Mollgren (Stockholm)

 Registration workshop 


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